I am broadly interested in understanding the nature and origin of various transient (time-domain) astrophysical phenomena, such as peculiar supernoave (Ca-rich SNe, superluminous SNe, fast-evolving transients), fast radio bursts (FRBs), and gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). Driven by observational data, I aim to constrain and model the underlying physical mechanisms producing such dramatic events, while proposing model-predictions that may be tested against future observations.

In particular, I have worked on different aspects of compact-object mergers, including NS-NS mergers (which are the progenitors of short GRBs, the production site of heavy r-process material in the universe, and are prime targets for GW detectors), and their oft forgotten siblings — WD-NS mergers. The latter are extremely interesting (and comparatively unexplored) events which may produce peculiar SNe (possibly related to the so-called Ca-rich transients), pulsar-planets, and recycled isolated millisecond pulsars, and have been the focus of attention in much of my recent work.

Selected Publications:

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